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Welcome to the Virtual Capoeira Affiliate Program


Why become a Virtual Capoeira Affiliate?

At VirtualCapoeira.com, we know that the best way we can help grow Capoeira is by providing programs to help instructors grow their schools in their individual cities and communities globally.

That’s why we created the Virtual Capoeira Affiliate program, a 3-tier program that includes our Wholesale Program, Commissions and SchoolPoints Program, and Batizado Sponsorship program, designed to help you boost your school’s revenues and make running your school easier. Simply put, becoming a VC affiliate helps your school save and make more money.

3 ways to boost your school's revenues with VC

Whether it’s by cutting costs or boosting profits, here are 3 ways to take advantage of our program to help your school’s revenues grow:

1. Buy wholesale

Save money on instruments and apparel for your school available at 30–50% off the retail price, and use the proceeds to build your school. Click here to learn more about how to buy wholesale.

2. Earn cash and free gear

Earn a 7-10% cash commission and School Points on every sale you refer to our store to add to your school’s income and get free gear. Click here to view FAQs on earning cash commissions.

3. Get $100 in free gear with a batizado sponsorship

Have VirtualCapoeira.com sponsor your next event and get $100 in free gear. Raffle it to raise funds, or use it as prizes, thank you gifts, or promotional incentives. Then as a bonus, you get 3 free arames and a “no limits” wholesale order for any capoeira gear you still need. Click here to learn how to get sponsored.

Join us!

The Virtual Capoeira Affiliate Program is free and available to valid Capoeira instructors and website owners. To join, click on the button below to fill out an application.

Am I eligible to become a Virtual Capoeira affiliate instructor?

Can an instructor or website outside the United States become an affiliate?


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