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Mestre Pastinha
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Mestre Pastinha (1889–1982)

Mestre Pastinha

Born Vincente Ferreira Pastinha, Mestre Pastinha is credited with the preservation of the traditional form of Capoeira, later known as Capoeira Angola, during the time that Capoeira Regional and other contemporary styles became popular. Pastinha loved to tell stories and recite aphorisms, gaining him the title of the “Philosopher of Capoeira.” When asked “what is Capoeira, Mestre?” Mestre Pastinha famously replied, “Capoeira is whatever the mouth eats.”


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- History of Capoeira
- Mestre Bimba
- Capoeira Music
- The Berimbau
- Berimbau Rhythms
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- Capoeira Basics
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